About Us

Thank you for your interest in the CommandAir Virtual Airline! Our concept started in September of 2022 with a small group of aviation enthusiasts that enjoyed flying together in the simming world. One idea lead to another and the CommandAir VA was born!

This is a VA that has a healthy balance of taking flight regulations and procedures seriously, while also having fun as a community. With CommandAir, you are in full control of the routes and planes you want to fly.

We utilize VABase (Virtual Airline Management System) for our airline and website which means communication between our website and tracking software is seamless. From startup to shutdown, your flight history will include advanced flight tracking, performance statistics, full data log, and Simbrief integration. We also utilize VATSIM for our online flying with live ATC as the callsign COM!

We have our very own custom livery on many popular aircraft in MSFS2020 and are continuing to expand our liveries to more aircraft (Liveries also devloped for Xplane and P3D upon request). We offer 14 different ranks from Trainee to an ATP Senior Flight Captain, based on the flight hours that you fly in our airline! Our airline is also in OnAir Airline Manager if you wish to fly with us there too!

We are growing here everyday at CommandAir so if you are interested in what you’ve read then come grow with us we’d be happy to have you! To get started click “Join” at the top of our website and submit your application! Thank you for your time and as always, keep the blue side up.