Employee Handbook

Article I. Code of Conduct

Section 1.01 General

(a) No sexual / racial discrimination of any kind.

(b) No harassment, OOC threats, or doxing towards members or staff.

(c) All VA members must be respectful and courteous to others in our company as well as the broader community.

(d) When you fly with our airline call sign, designator, and livery; remember that you represent the brand of our airline. Conduct yourself in a manner that will bring more pilots into our community and not deter interest.

Section 1.02 Vatsim

(a) Proficiency

(i) When flying with live ATC, you are required to follow the proper procedures, communication, and instruction. You are expected to understand the fundamentals of your aircraft and be able to comply with ATC instruction, prior to flying online.

(b) Regulation Compliance

(i) You are required to abide by all requirements and regulations as posted and updated on Vatsim’s website.

Section 1.03 OnAir Company

(a) While participating in our Virtual Airline’s career mode – using OnAir Company – you are expected to…

(i) work cooperatively to add financial value

(ii) assist other members

(iii) preserve the company’s assets, by operating them in a safe and responsible manner and landing only where able to safely take off again.

(b) The following is strictly prohibited:

(i) The act of griefing – egregious spending or other actions which cost an unnecessary amount of money, with little to no return; making it unnecessarily difficult for others to fly / take jobs, etc.; specifically with the INTENT to frustrate, thwart, and / or sabotage the airline and members therein.

(ii) Exploiting, hacking, or encouraging / instructing others to do so.

Article II. General

Section 2.01 Registration

(a) FlyCommandAir.com

(i) To gain and retain membership, you are required to register on our website with all required information.

(1) All provided information must be current and updated as necessary.

(ii) Must be at least 16 years of age or older.

(b) Discord

(i) Pilots are highly encouraged to join our Discord for optimal community involvement, company updates, and general communication / requests.


(i) Use For at least one flight per month, we require our pilots to track their flights via ACARS. This provides us with a log of pilot participation, provides stats to aid in recruiting new pilots, and allows us to demonstrate our participation in the Vatsim network.

(ii) Notes

(1) Include in the remarks section of ACARS, whether you are flying offline or online with Vatsim.

Article III. OnAir Company

Section 3.01 Aircraft Management

(a) Charter Aircraft

(i) Managers will at their discretion, ferry charter aircraft back to the company headquarters, in order to provide consistent plane availability for our pilots, without the need to spend hours transporting pilots.

(ii) Pilots with additional time to spare are encouraged, but not required to find a job which returns them to the HQ.

(b) Airliners

(i) Due to the high costs of operating larger airliners, per flight hour, empty ferrying should be avoided and thus are not required to be returned to the HQ.

(1) To get around the issue of pilot transportation, we recommend hiring an AI crew at the plane’s location, which makes the employee immediately available and then carry out the flight.

Section 3.02 Company Jobs

(a) Only take jobs that you are prepared to fly within the next 3-8 hours. Cargo hangar fees apply after three hours.

(i) Exception: Timed jobs that have multi-step, scheduled availability.

Article IV. Vatsim

Section 4.01 Participation

(a) Our members are strongly encouraged to fly on Vatsim at least once per month, but ideally even more regularly.

(b) We strongly ecnourage the use of CommandAir liveries, provided on our website, however it is not required.

Section 4.02 vPilot / Flight Plan

(a) Flight Number

(i) You are required to use the Flight number assigned to your account on the CommandAir website.

(b) Remarks

(i) In the remarks section, include the following:

(1) CALLSIGN = CommandAir ### // Visit us at "https://FlyCommandAir.com"

(a) Where “###” is the flight number you have been assigned by CommandAir.